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    Integrating Web Services

      I am building a flex application which interacts with MSN Search Web Service. http://soap.search.msn.com/webservices.asmx?wsdl. My mxml code is below.

      <mx:WebService id="msSrv" wsdl=" http://soap.search.msn.com/webservices.asmx?wsdl" useProxy="false" >
      <mx:operation name="Search" resultFormat="xml">

      The method call expects the following parameters: Souce,
      AppID, Query, Cultureinfo and Requests.

      Requests parameter has sub parameters like source, result fields. When i run the application, it shows error

      [RPC Fault faultString="Error #1069: Property Source not found on String and there is no default value." faultCode="EncodingError" faultDetail="null"]

      How to pass the sub parameters ? In other development plattforms, it is passed as array.