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    photoshop 13 with windows 8.1




      I am just starting to use windows 8.1 on my new laptop and I find I am having to change the way I operate...


      In the past I have uploaded my Canon raw images with Canon Zoombrowser and then moved on to edit them with Photoshop Elements8, a perfectly satisfactory arrangement.


      My old laptop (using windows vista) has given-up on me and I have had to replace it with a new Dell, using windows 8.1.


      I am having all sorts of problems (no music to work by!) My existing Canon Zoombrowser no longer works and I have downloaded Canon Imagebrowser, which cannot access my existing 20 gig of images.


      My question is in 2 parts...if I buy Photoshop Elements 13 will I be able to access my existing unedited raw images and will I be able to access new raw images from my cameras and import from my ancient scanners using w8.1? I have used Elements from version 2 with various windows software and managed to overcome all of the problems along the way, but this has got me beaten (this shouldn't be in bold but)


      I am also planning to buy Premiere elements and try my hand at video after a very long break, am I asking for more trouble?


      I had a conversation with an old friend a few days ago (before I opened the box) and he laughed when I told him I had Windows 8.1