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    Is there a way to replace Styles in InDesign 2014?

    Early Music Lover Level 1

      I've picked up work for a client in pre-created InDesign documents that were sort of a mess - several people had created Styles - paragraph, character, and object. I've cleaned it up and now need to replace these styles in 9 other documents. There are new styles, renamed styles, ones that will no longer be used, and some existing styles that stayed the same. They are all now in styles group folders.


      I know if I delete all of the styles and then import, I'll have to re-assign every style and obviously I'd rather not do that.


      If I simply import the new Styles, since a lot of them are re-named, I'll still have a mess. I can't import them and simply delete the unused as there are styles that only apply to one of the chapters, and the client wants a complete set of styles in every document. I also can't use the book panel to sync because the other two designers working on this document do not know how to use the book panel.


      I'm not sure I'm asking this right, but is there an easy way to import and replace all of the existing styles?