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    Problem removing folder from Lightroom




      I'm new to Lightroom (using 5) and I am trying to get some photo uploads organized. When I imported them, they came in a folder that was poorly organized so I moved them into folders that I preferred. That was fine. BUT now the original folder in lightroom is empty (I deleted from finder after emptying it) and when I remove it from my lightroom ALL the other folders go with it. The funny part is, the total picture count still shows that all the pictures are in lightroom and accounted for, but the folders are no longer there and accessible.


      I have attached a screen shot of the folders. I would like to remove the 2014 folder at the top, but when I do, the desktop folder and everything under it goes as well. Why? And how do i prevent that from happening? THANKS!!


      Ultimately, I would like to move the 2014 folder from being on the desktop as well.

      I Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 5.48.26 PM.png