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    damaged PSD photoshop CS3 file?





      While working on a tileset for 2KH, Vista display drivers started behaving strange (black screen for a second, then screen comes back with a recovery message )



      I successfully saved my work, right before a complete system crash, but once I restarted Vista, and tried opening my work to continue, Photoshop gave me a warning about some data being corrupted and opened my file as a black, one layer document  I tried several times with no success so far



      Usually, i'm quite good at versioning and archiving tilesets, but ironicly, I've been working close to 2 months on that single file, without archiving it ( it's a 100+ tiles on a single PSD ) so i'm really depressed about loosing all that work



      I tried several PSD repairs softwares available on the web with no success : I was wondering if any of you guys knew a way to save a PSD with corrputed data ?