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    How do I move a single text box to a new layer?


      Right now I have large text boxes with lines, numbers, bullets, etc. I'm making updates to the file, and need to add small text boxes to the upper left hand corner of the page. When I drag the small text box to the area I need it to be, it moves all the information in the large text box over to the right on the x-axis. The bounding box for the large text box stays the same. Is the easiest way to stop this movement to create a new layer and put the various small text boxes on the new layer? If so, please advise how to move text box to new layer. I know it may seem easier to add the text within the large text box, but i need to be able to align the text as an object with other aspects...

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What you are describing sounds like the result of text wrap applied to the smaller frame, and changing the stacking order won't change that unless your prefs are set for text wrap only affects text below. 


          You can either remove the text wrap from the smaller frame (it sounds like you don't want it), or open the text frame options on the larger frame and check the Ignore Text Wrap box.