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    Please help...my brush tool is acting weird when i try to brush on my layer masks


      Hey there...i hope someone can help me...i just recently upgraded to photoshop cc2014...and for the past few days on and off...( it has been doing it all day today)


      When i am applying adjustments to my images....whether i need to mask on or mask off an adjustment...When i brush over my image....my brush will brush on like whatever image i was editing prior...in black or white...and if i use a low opacity like %30 it will brush a part of another image in black or white at a low opacity...


      I checked my brush...i use a soft round brush...just the basic default swatches black or white so i can mask off adjustments...its soft round 0% hardness and it doesn't matter what opacity i use...it still does this...instead of brushing on or brushing off the effect like it is supposed to...it is brushing on parts of images i had opened before....at first it looked like big squares...but i noticed it that image elements were inside the *squares* when i looked closer...


      Please if anyone has a clue whats happening...i would LOVE help..