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    I need to reconfigure how both LR and PS save my files because they overwrite existing files


      It happens all the time and the only solution (when editing a LR file with PS and importing it back to LR to make sure I keep the altered file) is to manually save a copy to a new PS folder. It's bothersome and I know this isn't how I should have to save my files.


      When I want to edit a LR file in PS I press command E

      I select the first option, edit copy with LR changes

      I do my work in PS

      I either select Save from the file menu or click to close in the upper left hand corner

      I get the prompt to save the document, I select yes

      I go back to LR and it's there -- most often, but not always, as a second copy.


      Here's where things really go wonky:

      I create a virtual copy in LR and send either one to PS

      I edit in PS and save it back to LR

      BOTH copies are changed.


      In PS I create a duplicate of a file from LR

      I save both to LR

      LR saves whichever version I closed/saved last, overwriting any duplicates I made in PS.


      This is driving me nuts.

      I've gone so far as to shift, option, command at PS startup to clear the settings, but it didn't work.


      What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?