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    Loading Multiple Xml Files.

      Ive got an xml based menu and an xml based photogallery on the same frame on my timeline.
      when i try to preview the movie only the photogallery xml file loads.

      i was just wondering if anyone knows a method to load two xml files at the one time, or one after the other..

      ive been following the kirupa tutorials for xml menu and xml photogallery.. so my code is very similar to them.
      thanks in advance.
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          abeall Level 3
          Just create seperate XML objects.

          myXmlMenu = new XML();
          myXmlGallery = new XML();
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            got it working now.
            i done a trace and it seemed the xml files were loading fine, it was a problem somewhere else in my code.

            Ive now ran into another problem.
            Ive got a movie clip with my xml menu inside it and an actionscripted blur filter on it.. so that when the user rollsover the mc it goes from blurry, to clear and back again on roll out.

            Problem is as the mc more or less thinks its a button, its stealing focus from the menu.
            Is there a way around this? or is there a better way of coding a blurfilter menu other than rollover?

            any help would be appreciated.
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              abeall Level 3
              Yes, in AS2 button events always steal focus from each other. To avoid this, you should use onMouseMove with hitTest to detect if the mouse is over a button or not:

              onMouseMove = function(){
              // over
              // not over
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