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    InDesign CC2014 not saving


      I've just completed a very simple task, designing a six page, roll-fold A5 leaflet. It has been through several iterations and all has been fine. Each new version has been saved with a new version number (Behance is not an option) with no problems at all until today... I received final approval, so I opened the latest version of the file, added crease guides on a separate, non-printing, layer and saved it as FINAL. For a sanity check I opened the "FINAL" file again, only to find that the crease guides were not there, nor was the new layer I'd created for them. Other very minor tweaks (non-printing) were also not there – in other words the document was identical to the one originally opened from which the FINAL version was derived. This happened many, many, many times. I have spent longer trying to save the document than I took to create it in the first place!


      Anybody got any ideas?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is happening to lots of users. Save as IDML, then open that do your edits and save with a new name as .indd.

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            andrewjrolfe Level 1

            Thanks Peter. For some inexplicable reason I tried one more time and it actually saved [sound of fanfare]! What is really interesting (by which I mean incredibly annoying) is that I later found many versions of the correct version in a different folder, all with truncated file names. It seems that when I "saved" the file, it did actually save it after all, just not with the name I gave it, nor in the folder I specified!


            I'm sure you are correct, and I'll click the correct button as soon as I have tested it out (difficult now if it has for some inexplicable reason started working properly)