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    SALFTSIndexexe12.exe Issues

      On the server where I house the roboengine, I am having issues with the SalFTSIndexExe12.exe always running at 100% cpu. It is thusly slowing my server down making it almost no accessible to my users.

      Has anyone ran across this issue and could help me? Thank you

      Oh and this is on Robohelp 5x and webhelp Pro project.
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          johndaigle Level 4
          Hi, wizardmatt. I've heard of this problem before and there are a couple of possibilities. I think the first thing is to stop and restart the IIS service on the RoboEngine site to see if that shakes loose the CPU problem.

          In addition, I am going to paste (below) a snippet I received from a technical support person a while back when I was troubleshooting something for a client of mine. Perhaps this will offer some ideas.

          Let's start by defining what SALSailSearchExe12.exe is. This executable is what interacts and searches within the index that is created by the Microsoft Indexing Service. This means all additional files that can be searched on (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, etc) will be processed by this executable.

          My initial gut feeling on this issue is that there is either a corrupt index or that there is a corrupt misc file being indexed. There is also the possibility that the server is running a service/process that is conflicting with SALSailSearchExe12.exe.

          We can not shut of the Microsoft Indexing Service as RoboEngine requires this service. The next logical step would be to eliminate all locations that the Indexing Service is indexing. To do this, try the following steps:

          1) Bring up the Computer Management Console.
          2) Open up Services and Applications.
          3) Open up Indexing Service.
          4) Open up System.
          5) Select Directories.
          6) Record (via screenshot, notes in word, or how ever you want to do
          this) the current state so you can always bring it back to where they
          are now.
          7) Double click on the first directory to bring up its properties.
          8) Change Include in Index to No and press ok.
          9) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each directory listed.
          10) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each directory listed under
          Web\Directories. At this point, nothing should be included in the
          indexing process.
          11) Stop the Indexing Service by right clicking on it and selecting
          12) Start the Indexing Service by right clicking on it and selecting
          Start. This should force the Indexing Service to rebuild its current
          13) Test the failure.

          If this does not resolve the issue, then there is a strong chance that something is conflicting with SALSailSearchExe12.exe. Are there are any other applications/services on your computer that may interact with the Windows Indexing Service. If so, uninstall it and retest.
          <end snip>

          Hope this helps.
          Thanx, John

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            wizardmatt Level 1
            the only thing which seems to possibly be in conflict is w3wcp.exe which I believe is index service ran by the server. I have tried the IIS restart and no luck but I might try the above test of blocking the directory build locations and see what happens.

            Thank you for the info :)