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    Is there any hope for Mac users with AMD D700 graphic cards trying to run Adobe Premiere 2014 CC?

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      Who wants to watch a grown man cry?  I spent a small fortune on a shiny new mac with 64GB Ram and to quote Larry Jordan, "I could rocket to the moon with the power of this computer."  I am running OSX (10.9.5) and have a 12 gig per channel ethernet Maxx Digtial Raid with Areca cards to support 6K footage.  However, editing my first project in Premiere CC2014 (leaving FCP 7) has been nothing short of problematic.  At first, it plays great but after 20 minutes of editing, speed changes, adding secondary shots etc it starts to play choppy, freeze on certain frames playing just audio and eventually crashes or it takes a minute to render.


      I did every possible thing yesterday with Adobe and Apple support.  I reinstalled the OS, I trashed 3rd party preferences, trashed Premiere preferences, set project settings from OpenCL to software only and I tried changing location of the Premiere Cache folder but nothing seems to work.  Eventually the last Adobe support person said it was due to the AMD card and Adobe.  He was emphatic that it was Apple's fault.  Apple's support team said it Adobe's.  Well after that, Im still stuck.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Any pieces of the puzzle?


      Is anyone else having the same experience?