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    Music won't load

    wonder and awe install

      I have reinstalled Premier Elements no less than 8 times and the music will not load to the program. When I try to add music to a video I keep receiving an error message that says "Wonder and awe failed to install. Install this program from the music file." Adobe tech support can't seem to figure it out. How do I fix this? Thank you!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running? Since you mention Wonder and Awe, I am guessing Premiere Elements version later than version 10. With the Music Scores how much time are you giving them to install?


          Be advised, that Music Scores and Sound Effects are displaying in the opened program much later than the program installation.


          What will not load - just one Music Score file named Wonder and Awe" or all the Music Scores? What about the Sound Effects? How many of them do

          your presently find available to you in the opened project?


          Can you add music to the project other than Music Scores and Sound Effects?


          We will be watching for your reply.





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            Hello ATR,


            Thank you for responding to my posting.


            I have a new Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series. It's running Windows 8.1. I purchased the laptop and Premiere Elements 12 this June.


            None of the music files display. When I complete a video, I typically go to the music note on the bottom right of the screen and add music from there, It's the pre-installed music that can be added to your videos. There are several different tabs that are labeled wedding and rock...etc. When I open the musical note none of these musical tabs display. It's a blank page. Then the error message appears.


            I initially installed elements when I first purchased the computer. Everything worked fine for two months, including the music. One day I had an error on my computer and the computer automatically rebooted and I lost photoshop and elements. Photoshop loaded without issue and most of the elements loaded with the exception of the music files. I have reinstalled Premier Elements at least 8 times trying to fix this.


            Please let me know if you can help.


            Thank you

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the additional details of your situation.


              What antivirus program does your computer use? McAfee by any chance?


              Those Music Scores and Sound Effects are a regenerating bunch of files, slow to regenerate to be sure. But, eventually they all show up.

              So, I am thinking that the flaw is in the program installation, possibly related to the antivirus or firewall(s). So, let us rule this factor in or out at the onset.

              We can go for replacement installation files as well.


              1. Deactivate the program from within the opened project using Help Menu/Sign Out (deactivates). Close out of there.

              2. Do a free ccleaner run through (regular and registry cleaning parts)

              CCleaner - Download

              3. Reinstall Premiere Elements with the antivirus and firewalls disabled.


              Open the program to the Expert workspace and make a note of how many files are listed for Music Scores and Sound Effects under the Audio Tab

              at the bottom of the Expert workspace. Depending on what you see, leave the program opened, and go back in other hour to see if more have been added to the list. When Premiere Elements 12 was released, the following was my count for Music Scores and Sound Effects

              Music Score has 7 subcategories and a total of 51 free soundtracks, customizable according to the SmartSound concept. The Music Score subcategories and the number of soundtracks in them are Ambient (6), Atmospheric (8), Blues (2), Country (5), Rock-Pop (22), Urban (4), and Weddings (5).


              Sound Effects has 13 subcategories and a total of 267 or 268 free sound effects. The Sound Effects subcategories and the number of sound effects in them are Ambience (49), Animals (10), Cartoon Effects (20), Crashes (10), Fire and Explosions (18), Foley (30), Impacts (20), Industry (10), Liquids (10), Science Fiction (30), Technology (29 or 30), Transportation (11), and Weather (20).


              Make sure the you are running the program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges and also right click the desktop icon for the program  and select and apply Run As Administrator.


              We will be watching for your results.





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                Hi ATR,


                I realize this thread is a year old (almost to the day), but I'm having a similar, yet different issue. All the music files are listed under the audio tab, both for music score and sound effects. I sucessfully dragged sevreal sound effects to the timeline earlier today.


                I have found a music score I would like to use; when I drag it to the timeline, a window opens showing the download progress, yet this progress shows "downloaded 0b of 0b" and stays that way. I had it open for 30 minutes and nothing changes.


                I have used this function before on other versions (at other locations) of PE without issue. This is the first time I am using it here at work on the recently purchased software (PE 13).


                The computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad PC-L269, running Windows 7.


                I saw another thread where you suggested checking the Adobe program folder, under Elements 13 Organizer, for the Music folder. This is not there (nor is Sound Effects, though as I said earlier today I dragged the sound effects files to the timeline without issue) - perhaps because the Sound Effects are so small they are preloaded while the music scores must be downloaded as needed? In any case, I have tried several of the music scores and none will download to my timeline.


                I have just now tried quitting and reopening PE 13, but the result is the same. I also tried dragging another sound effect to the timeline (to ensure nothing changed since I last did this) and this worked fine. I tried both dragging the music score to the Soundtrack track and to a track other than Soundtrack, but the result is the same.


                Any help would be much appreciated.


                Thanks and best,



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  If you have not tried the following, please do.


                  If you have Premiere Elements 12, if you have not already, please update 12 to 12.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Update.


                  Assure that you have disabled the antivirus and firewall(s). Right click the desktop icon for Premiere Elements 12/12.1, select and apply Run As

                  Administrator. You also might want to clear your browser's Cache Web Content under Options/Advanced/Network Cache Web Content.


                  Then, Premiere Elements 12/12.1 Expert workspace, Audio Tab/Music Score/Ambient/Wonder and Awe. Is there a blue ban at the top right of its thumbnail. If so, right click it, and select Download Now, not Download All. Does that show something like a 21.5 MB download? If that goes to completion, then drag the thumbnail from is Audio Tab/ display area into the project's Soundtrack. Do you get pop ups...about generating, conforming, etc.?


                  Did any of the above have any impact on the issue?



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                    rhythmo Level 1

                    Hi ATR,


                    Thanks for your response. Just to be clear, I'm not the same guy who started this thread.


                    I don't have PE 12 - I am using a new install of PE 13 that I had my company buy in December.


                    The thumbnails for all music scores and soundtracks are there and they play if I click on them. Whether I try to right click a thumbnail, and select Download Now, (not Download All) or drag the thumbnail from is Audio Tab/ display area into the project's Soundtrack, I get the same result - it shows 0 b of 0 b downloading and never increases. It never shows any higher amount of data, i.e. 21.5 MB.


                    It has worked fine for me at home on my Mac - very frustrating. Any other thoughts?


                    I can try clearing the cache at work on Monday.





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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Did you have any success with the Music Score download after you cleared the computer browse's Options/Advanced/Network/Cached Web Content?


                      Also, have you tried shutting off your router for about 45 seconds, restarting it, and determining if that had any impact on the subsequent Download Now

                      for the Music Score choices?


                      You wrote

                      I am using a new install of PE 13 that I had my company buy in December.


                      Have we talked about the possibility of your company's security creating access problems for the Music Score downloads?


                      Just some more thoughts for now.



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                        rhythmo Level 1

                        Hi ATR,


                        Thanks for the reminder to follow up - it's been a bit of an adventure!


                        Before even clearing the cache or doing anything, I tried it and it immediately downloaded. Perhaps being shut down for 2 weeks over the holidays helped? I know that sometimes it takes time for the files to load and become available (I had that before in PE 12 at a different location), but that wasn't the issue here - the music scores showed as available but wouldn't download (though the sound effects did).


                        However, things got a bit wacky after that - I  will go through it all here for you:


                        Tthe piece I chose was "Dark Matter" under Atmospheric. This starts with a short pulsing (almost like a heartbeat) that lasts less than 3 seconds. When I placed onto the soundtrack track on my timeline, this pulsing suddenly lasted over 9 seconds before the guitar & keys come in. This was  a problem because I had it timed where a logo reveals from infinity after 3 seconds. If I trimmed the music score, the pulsing would still last over 9 seconds! I tried trimming a little or triming a lot, but the result was the same. I tried clearing the cache, I also tried deleting and redownloading the music score as well as redownloading the music score and placing it on a different ausio track. All no change.


                        I tried all this both with "fit to video" selected and not selected - no change.


                        The worst part is, I was able to sort of make it work by cutting part of the pulsing and moving it to the end of the music score and deleting it - however - this did not work consitently. By that I mean I did this but wanted a little more trimmed off so cut some more, moved it and bam - right back to 9 seconds of pulsing. It also happened that I tried to redo the cutting/moving procedure and it didn't work at all - stuck at 9 seconds pulsing, but luckily I was able to undo that and keep what I had, which was close enough.


                        If I activated the "fit to video" function, immediately the pulsing would change back to 9 seconds. What I ended up doing was experimenting by downloading another "Dark Matter" and placing it at the end of the first. Of course, I still had 9 seconds pulsing in the 2nd Dark Matter which I didn't want and I wasn't able to trim that out. I was able to cut a piece in the middle (by splitting at two points creating an in and out point) and use that after the 1st Dark Matter - the music is way underneath the narration and I matched the beat well enough that the edit isn't noticable - and then did a manual fade out at the end of the video. However, PE13 was extremely finicky about this - at certain spots it would let me cut a piece out and use it as is, if I tried other spots it would add the pulsing back! I know that sounds crazy as things should either work or not and be able to be replicated, but I tried dozens of times with slight variations and I swear that's how it seemed.


                        I went back after the video was done (was under time pressure to finish) to experiment and experienced even more craziness:


                        I downloaded Dark Matter (before adding any video elements) and found I was able to trim it exactly how I wanted! However, if I added a video elements (in this case an image) and streteched it past then end of the music score, then clicked the score and checked "fit to video", the 9 second pulse was back and was untrimmable. I then shut donw PE13, reopened and tried something slightly different - I added Dark Matter, but no video element and happily was still able to trim, but if I stretched the music track past it's natural end, the 9 second of pulsing came back, but then I could trim it again. Interesting, right?


                        More experiementation - and even more interesting - I shut down & reopened and tried the same thing with a different music track, this time Bedtime Story. With Bedtime Story no trimming at all was possible, either with or with video elements added. By this I mean, if I triimed out a section at the beginning and played what was left, the music would start back at the very beginning of the piece. This didn't matter if I triimed off a little or a lot, I could leave only the last 5 seconds of the score - which sounds very different than the beginning when still attached to the whole score - but those 5 seconds on their own play the beginning of the piece. I tried all this after cleaning the cache under Edit, Preferences, Media - no change.


                        The last thing I could think to try: I shut down, reopened and added Dark Matter. Again I could trim the pulsing, but if I tried to trim much more (i.e. about half of the score) the 9 seconds pulsing came back. This leads me to a hypothesis: that PE 13 sees that pulsing as a  separate intro - it lets me trim within that intro, but when I try to trim outside of it (in the next section) it automatically adds the full intro back. To support my hypothesis, I tried and was able to add video elements and was still able to trim within the 'intro'.

                        The fact that I can't do any triiming in Bedtime Story without the music resetting to the beginning leads me to believe that PE13 doesn't see this piece of music as having a separate intro.


                        As I said, trimming works fine in the intro of Dark Matter and happily, I found I can stretch the end of the music past the end of the video element I placed on the timeline and the trim remains how I did it with only 2 seconds of pulsing. However, if I drag the music to exactly match the end of the video element - or use the "fit to video" function, the intro is added back in full and is untrimmable. Somehow, PE13 decides that if the music is the same length as the video, even if "fit to video" is not enabled, that the music score will start from the very beginng, come hell or high water. But once I drag the music past the end of the video (even once I had it set there and the intro was added back) I can trim it again. This may explain some of the "things working and not workin" that I referenced above - I must've added enough extra music track when experimenting that It went past the end of the video and not realized that this was making a difference.


                        I also tried stretching Bedtime Story past the end of the video and am not able to trim it. What does happen is that if I split the video at a place where the music is quite different, it seems to switch the music around, where after the split point I get the beginning of the music score but if I go back to the beginning, it is no longer playing from the beginning, but from my edit point. Clearly, PE 13 is trying to be helpful, but is getting it's signals crossed.


                        I don't know why PE13 handles it this way - it would be much better to have complete control over all music tracks whether or not they have what I'm referring to as intros.


                        And now here comes the addendum - I've had PE13 open while writing this so I could confirm things along the way. Just now I tried placing Dark Matter again on the soundtrack track and this time, it DOES NOT play 9 seconds of  pulsing, only the exact amount I hear when I preview under Audio, Music Score. I am even able to click the 'Fit to Video' function and the pulsing stays as it should at around 2.5 seconds! Exactly how it should've worked in the first place - how can this be? I wasted a lot of time. I also tried Bedtime Story again but that has not changed from what I wrote above. I don't think it's as simple a matter of Dark Matter finally loaded correctly into PE13 - I've had PE 13 open for dozens of hours already editing the video. This is very frustrating - at certain points I have felt like I'm going crazy! I could now simply delete most of this post and say 'everything is working fine' (though it's still weird with Bedtime Story), but I think it better to leave it all as an example of how things sometimes seem very unstable and fluctuate in this program. Maybe someone from Adobe reads this and provides some insight - I imagine the first thought may be "this guy doesn't know what he's doing", but having been a professionally video editor for broadcast TV in NYC for about 15 years, I'm pretty confident that I have been following very logical pathways (with much cache cleaning under Media) and have been constantly surprised that things seem to keep changing within the program.


                        Any thoughts (and sorry the post is so long)?