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    Changes in "Imported Photos" Folder in Lightroom Not Reflected in Lr Mobile


      After installing Lr Mobile, I imported all my photos that were on the phone. When I enabled syncing in Lightroom the photos appeared in "Imported Photos" in the Folders section. I then moved them all to other folders. The "Imported Photos" folder was now empty in Lightroom, but the still appeared in Lr Mobile. I then deleted the folder and created a new one. I imported three more photos. Two of them made it to Lightroom. The third one may not have synced because it had done before. Again I moved the photos out of "Imported Photos" and again they still remain in Lr mobile. Is this normal behavior. Do I have to go back and manually delete them?


      I have another workflow question. Is there a way to automatically delete photos from the Apple photo app that are auto imported into Lr Mobile? I suspect not, but hope springs eternal. If not is there a camera app that would save photos directly into Lr Mobile?