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    Force InDesign to default .indd file name to match .indt name




      I work for a photography company that uses dozens of InDesign .indt templates to create customised .indd documents and then PDFs for printing. Employees access the templates from a local server, and then save the .indd file with a specific name in another location. So far, so normal.


      Now, it's critical that the .indd file be named correctly in order for our printing software to recognise it. At the moment the default file name for a given .indd in the 'save as' dialogue will be something like 'Untitled-36.indd', which we have to very carefully change to the appropriate name for the rip to read it.


      The .indt files already have the appropriate name, so is there a way to force InDesign to save the .indd with the same name as its parent template by default, rather than 'Untitled-XX.indd' like it does now? It might seem trivial, but it would actually save us a lot of time, not to mention the print errors, if this were possible.


      We're running CS6 on Windows 7 machines, and accessing the templates and saving documents to a Linux server.