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    FotoStation wipes ACR settings from .xmp


      My employer has recently decided we need to use FotoStation (mostly because we work over a network, and FS is good for that... anyway) to organise, and apply metadata to, our photographs and videos. I do still use Bridge for previewing, ratings and making adjustments via ACR.


      I have noticed that when I have updated the metadata via Fotostaion, it removed ratings and ACR information from the .xmp file in Bridge (not the file itself, just the specific ACR/ratings data within). I made sure that, when I made the changes in FotoStation I selected to "Append new text to existing text" (the other option is to "Replace the existing text"). It definitely removes the ACR information because I tested it out by opening an image in ACR, editing it, clicking done (definitely clicked done not cancel, changes seen in Bridge) then updated the metadata via FotoStation, went back to Bridge and the ACR changes were gone. I opened the "File Info" and read the "Raw Data" before and after the FS edit and the info was there before and gone after.


      SO is there a way to not allow this to happen? FYI I will be posting this to the FotoStation forum as well, I just want to cover both bases. FotoStation doesn't feel it is necessary to have a forum apparently. I'll provide camera and application information below.


      • Windows 7 x64
      • Working over a network
      • Adobe Bridge CS6 (v5.0.2.4)
      • Camera Raw 8.4
      • FotoStation 7.0 (Build 459)
      • Canon EOS 5D (.CR2 files)


      No I cannot work off the network, or get newer versions of applications (at this current time); what I have there is all I have to work with at this point in time.


      I will, for now, simply add the metadata using Bridge but I would still like to see this issue resolved if possible as it is the preferred method utilised by my employer and not my decision to change. My input is not required

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          I don't have FotoStation b459 only b60*. I can confirm that you need to rebuild the thumbnails in FotoStation to see metadata changes done in Adobe Bridge. This forces FotoSation to re-index the image.


          There should be no unintentional metadata lost when going back and forth between FS and Bridge. However, you should check that your FotoStation metadata configuration includes the Adobe and IPTC name spaces and fields you need. If not you can create them manually or import from an image. The FotoStation documentation shows that this is easy to do.


          As an aside I find that Adobe CS5 deletes metadata information in fields that are deprecated or no longer belong to the Adobe name space. This is a potential serious problem for digital images generated using legacy software and hardware.


          As a FotoStation user for the last 4 years, in my opinion, your employer is correct. FotoStation is one of the best software for metadata and digital asset management. Good luck!