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    Learning AS3

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      Anyone know a good place to learn AS3? I have the Flex MXML language down,
      but can't quite grasp the AS langauage. I am coming from Coldfusion. Anyone
      know a good source to learn the AS langauage either starting with AS2 and
      working up to AS3?

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          jhutchdublin Level 1
          ActionScript 2.0 is being superseeded by ActionScript 3.0. The next version of Flash CS3 will be using ActionScript 3.

          You'll need to get an ActionScript editor -- most people use Flash -- don't know if you have it or not. There are several good books on ActionScript 2 -- Training from the source Flash 8 or MX2004.

          The difference between ColdFusion and ActionScript is AS is Object Orientated CF is tag-based unless you use components.

          I'm not sure if you know Object Orientated programming. Get the concept of this and then learn the syntax for ActionScript and it should be OK.

          Think of each element as an object -- which you can change it's properties and then make it do somthing is how they all work

          Also, type ActionScript tutorials in Google, I'm sure you'll get quite a few as well

          Good Luck