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    Regarding Page Nos...


      Hello, I am a new user and I am creating a school magazine of 200 pages in Adobe Indesign CC ....

      I want to add page nos. to the bottom of each and evry page help me how to add automatic continous page nos.....in every pages...

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          Hi if you go to your master page and create a text box where you want the page no. then go to     type  /insert special character  /markers  /current pg no.

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            Divesh008 Level 1

            oKAY BUT it only comes on the page which I applied not on all the pages.

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              Migintosh Level 4

              Try this link: InDesign Help | Add basic page numbering


              Also, you must have the master page applied to the document pages. You can tell which master page is applied to which document pages by looking at the pages pallet. As you can see in this screenshot, I have made two master pages (A and B). Master-A is applied to pages 1-3 and 7-8. Master-B is applied to pages 4-5. The master page called None is applied to page 6. None is the master you would use if you didn't want anything from the master pages on your document pages. To apply a master page to a document page, either drag the master-page icon onto the document-page icon in the pallet, or make a selection of document page(s) in the pallet (click to select a page, shift-click to include more pages into the selection and Command-click to deselect pages from the selection) and go to the fly-out triangle and select Apply Master to Pages (or just Option-click on the master icon of your choice).

              Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.15.19 PM.png

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                Bliz44 Level 1

                That`s why I said to use the Master page!

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                  TREX Level 2

                  Hello Divesh008


                  From the beginning.


                  1. Document set up.

                  2. Number of pages 200

                  3. Select 'Facing Pages'


                  4. Go to top menu Window’ select ‘pages’

                  5. Click on ‘A - Master’ when select it turns yellow.

                  6. With type tool create text box,

                  7. Top menu ‘Type’ - ‘Insert Special Character’ - ‘Marker’ - ‘Current Page Number’ then choose font style etc.

                  8. Copy that text box which has a letter ‘A’  and move to the other master page left/right hand side.

                  Master Page2.png


                  That’s it.




                  Also this might be of help if you need to modify pages that you do not want page numbers or images to appear on.


                  Once you have added your page numbers using the ‘Master Pages’,

                  click on ‘Pages’ from the ‘window’ menu, then click on the page you do not want a page number or image etc from the pages menu, it should highlight yellow.


                  Right click, (or use pull down menu top left of the ‘Pages’ window) from the page menu, drop down menu appears, select ‘Override All Master Page Items’, then delete what you want without effecting other Master Page settings for other pages.




                  Hope this is of use.



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                    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                    As a new user, maybe starting off with a 200 page magazine might be a bit ambitious. Why don't you try a few simple jobs first?

                    There are a number books and free and paid-for online InDesign tutorials that would be worth looking at, typically those of AdobeTV, Lynda.com and Train Simple.