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    re connect missing files


      After a hard drive crash I have re-installed LR5 and it regards all my images as missing files.

      I have about 80,000 in a hard drive called Photo Library Working, and that is also where my catalogue lives and also a file called Previews.lrdata.

      All images come up with the "missing" message, and several thousand show a plain grey blank for an image. However I notice that in the Collections area, the images show up, but are still missing.

      Metadata and keywords appear OK. I see there is also a second catalogue file with only 60,000 of the same images, and that behaves in the same manner.

      I would prefer these two catalogues were one, and that I could access all images, the smaller cat seems to lack images from the last year or so, obviously I made a mistake somehwere there, but that should be irrelevant to the current problem.

      I have followed "find missing files" instructions in LR help and it has not worked, nor has my LR4 book by Martin Evening helped nor has any other on-line advice or personal contact with other photographers. My George Jardine tutorials dont seem to help either.

      I do not want to have to start from scratch  with my backed up RAW files as it take more than the rest of my life to do that.

      I have been trying to find the adobe chat support people who helped me down load the new LR5 program a couple of weeks ago, but adobe help seems to take me round in circles for hours and bring me back to the start without ever helping me find them.

      I need help.

      If you can help please email me at john1046@gmail

      Thank you

      John Carden