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    Snap problem with point unit grid

    Fossa84 Level 1

      I've got a bit of a problem with snapping that i did not find any answers (yet).


      I've set my grid lines every 32pts with 4 subdivisions, and my resolution to 144dpi (so that a 1pt is 2px).

      So with these settings when i for example want to make a rectangular selection of the size of a one 32pt grid square, i'd expect the selection to be 32x32pt and 64x64px, but instead the marquee tool doesn't snap exactly right, but a pixel too up and left. So my selection becomes 32,5x32,5pt and 65x65px.


      Soes anyone know why. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?


      I'm doing this to work with android layouts and simulate dp units with points, but this is not the point, so please refrain to suggest me alternative workflows, as it doesn't solve the initial problem


      There's a crappy image below that may or may not be of help.