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    How to format a variable (file name)



      I'm setting up a book consisting of 34 individual files. Each filename with this structure: "1.4 - Chapter name", "2.4 - Chapter name" etc.

      On the top of the masterpage I have insert the variable file_name in a text-box. This is straight forward and works as should.

      Now my problem: how can I format the variable, so the numerical chapter No. is separated from the text part? My aim is to place the numerical on each page aligned away from spine and to place the text part centered.

      Of course it is possible to override the MP in each document, but would require 78 manual interventions (34 documents left/right),

      Has anyone a solution, or found a way to accomplish what I try to achieve?

      FYI I'm a rookie with InDesign :-)



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          As far as InDesign is concerned a variable is a single character, so it cannot be split. You can sometimes accomplish what you need to do with a Running Header (Character Style) variable by assigning various character styles to different parts of a text string (the styles can be nothing more than style names with no attributes), but I don't see a way to get the file name automatically and be able to split it.