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    Chat service unavailable - why isn't the agent informed?


      I was in a chat session with a support agent asking why online (account.adobe.com/plan) it said that my next payment would be for one amount and I got an email saying it would be for another amount. Before we could conclude the chat, I got a message that says that the chat service is unavailable. When I got the transcript of the chat session, it was obvious that the agent had no idea that the chat service was unavailable. ("Are we still connected? Since we have not heard from you for some time, we will now end this chat.")

      Shouldn't one of the following happened instead?

      If the chat service was truly unavailable, the agent should have been notified instead of continuing to ask questions through an unavailable service.

      If, as I suspect, the chat service malfunctioned or lost its connection, it should have told me that the connection had dropped instead of saying that the chat service is "unavailable." It should have told the agent the same thing. There also should be a way to reconnect a dropped connection instead of leaving the customer hanging.

      By the way, it is pretty clear from as far as we got on the chat that the email is correct and the price has increased, and that account.adobe.com/plan has stale (incorrect) data. It would have been nice to have been notified specifically of an increase rather than just getting an email with a different price. The email doesn't even mention that the price is different.