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    InDesign CS6


      Could someone please tell me how you get images and text to sit side by side in an Epub using InDesign CS6. The course I'm doing at present only centres on vertical layouts with the image either above or below the text?

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          Ellis home Level 4

          You anchor the image and then use text-wrap accordingly.

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            Mancave Level 1

            Hi, Thank you for replying. But didn't think you could use text wrap in an epub?

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              Ellis home Level 4

              Sorry, I was thinking Fixed Layout. I don't think you can do that within Indesing CS6. May be somebody else here knows some tricks. Otherwise you'll have to open the epub file and modified the CSS, but that's something else.

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                AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

                You can get text to wrap next to an image in a reflowable EPUB from InDesign CS6.


                1. Anchor the image before the first letter in the paragraph
                2. Apply a text wrap to the left side or the right side of the image. Don't worry about making it look right in InDesign, the image could be on the pasteboard if you want, as long as it's anchored in the text flow.
                3. Select the image and choose Object > Object Export Options
                4. Click the EPUB and HTML section of the dialog box
                5. Turn on the checkbox for Custom Layout toward the bottom
                6. Select Float Left from the Custom Layout menu (which says Alignment and Spacing by default). That'll make the image be on the left and the text wrap around it on the right. Choose Float Right if you want the image on the right and the text on the left.
                7. In the field below that called Size, choose Relative to Text Size.


                That's it. Export to reflowable epub and you'll see the image floating left or right and the text wrapping around it, offset by however much you specified for text wrap.


                You might want to select the image and create a new Object Style for it, that'll save you some work if you need to do this for other images.


                I have a video tutorial explaining this in my lynda.com course on InDesign CC: EPUB Fundamentals (applies to CS6 too). Look in Chapter 5 for the video called "Making wrapped text." (I also have an InDesign CS6 to EPUB course, but for some reason I don't cover this there.)





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                  Mancave Level 1

                  Hi Annemarie, So sorry to be a pain but have tried your way and am still having a slight problem! The main one being that I would like all of the text to sit on the left or right of the image. What I'm getting when I view the epub in Adobe Digital edition 2.0 is a line above and a line below the image.

                  I wonder if you could help with this query as well. And perhaps tell me why this isn't included in your course work?


                  Kind regards



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                    Ellis home Level 4

                    Thank you AnnMarie, I vaguely remember Steve Werner mentioned this method awhile ago.

                    Mancave check your epub on Google's Readium, you may see the right format there. By the way, there is Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 now: Download | Adobe Digital Editions. Can you show a screenshot of what you see on both Indesign and ADE? And on Indesign can you show hidden characters and your text wrap panel.

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                      AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

                      You might want to post a screenshot (or three) to help us diagnose what went wrong for you.


                      Regarding why it's not in my CS6 course, probably because as an author, I have a limited number of videos that can be included in a course, and that one ended up being cut from my outline. The CS6 course covers editing EPUBs after they're output and selling them, getting ISBNs and such, so there was more content that had to be covered. In the CC: EPUB Fundamentals course, I don't cover that kind of stuff, so I had more breathing room in what videos I could include in my text chapter and the images chapter.



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                        Mancave Level 1

                        Thanks Ellis, I will have a look at Google and download ADE4.

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                          Mancave Level 1

                          Hi Annemarie, I will post a couple of shots for you to look at. Then perhaps you will be able to tell me where I am going wrong?


                          Is this a common problem in InDesign CC?


                          Kind regards