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    Does anyone know a workaround? ATI Radeon 4500 graphics card not recognised with Photoshop CC


      Hi Guys,


      I recently upgraded a few bits to my Dell studio 5 which is somewhat of it's age now. I put a solid state in, upped the RAM and also installed windows 8.1.


      The machine has been running a treat, almost as though it was a new beast, however this has been at a price. Elements within Photoshop now do not work such as the 3D elements and paint brush tip preview amongst a few other things, however the 3D elements not working is a problem. As a designer, its quite important I have these features working, but since my upgrades and enhancements its cost me. I have been on the ATI website (Now AMD) and downloaded a fair few versions of the drivers for my ATI Radeon 4500. I even installed the new patch for windows 8 but to no avail.


      I am wondering if anyone has had this issue and got around it. I have read loads of different forums and tried all sorts of installs but its still not working.


      Give me a shout if you have beat this annoying issue