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    Smooth transition between two videos on one screen


      Hey guys.I would like to make a video where I get off the bus on the street and then I smoothly walk in into my classroom, then the clip with the bus comes out of the screen and the clip in the classroom comes fully in and the scene continues. The bus video would be on the left side of the screen and the classsroom video would be on the right side. In the classroom you would be able to see the chairs, desks and the back wall of the class. I´m not sure if I can really explain it, but if someone did understand can you please post here a name of the effect and tell me how advanced it is? Thank you,

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This isn't really an effect it's creative use of layering and masking. The key to pulling off this composite is careful preproduction planning. You must make sure that camera angles and perspective match. You also have to plan the filming so that your actor can be easily removed from the background and seamlessly matched to the shot in the classroom. Then it is just a matter of rotoscope, tracking, careful editing and layers.


          Read up on rotoscope, masking, and layering. There is no one click button for this project. The biggest key to success is in the initial planning of your shot so you can precisely match the the camera angle and distance to your actor so you can seamlessly cut between the two shots.