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    AE CC - Error replacing missing files - 'invalid ascend count '0''


      Hey guys,


      In After Effects CC, when I try to re-link missing Illustrator files into a project, since everything was moved for purposes of archiving, I get the error message 'invalid ascend count '0''


      I believe the project was originally done in CS6, then amended in CC before the archiving.


      Nothing has changed in these files since then as far as I know, only the location.


      I have no idea what may be causing this, if anyone can help I'd be truly grateful.


      Thanks alot,


      James D

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          What happens if you backsave the project to CS6, then open it in CS6... to which you have access by virtue of your CC rental?

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            bandanza2 Level 1

            Hey Dave, thanks for the reply.


            That was my first thought. We are running CS6, so I had the original file backsaved to CS6. This resulted in AE simply crashing when I tried to relink the files. I then tried to open it in CC (of which I am currently using a trial version) which is where I am now getting the error.


            Just to clarify the amend was done by a freelancer who had CC, I am running CS6 (should have mentioned earlier).


            Thanks again.

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              I have the exact same problem, not a scrap of help to be found anywhere, way to go adobe. 50% of my job's difficulty comes from them screwing up their own software.




              EDIT: OK after alot of frustrating trial and error, trying to open it with 2015 didn't work. It seems I can go from PC to MAC on the same version but no MAC to PC. No reason given. What did work was I had the person I was getting the file from collect files. Its under file>dependencies> Reduce project and Collect files (probably collect files is what worked, I don't think reduce is necessary) then open that collected project file on your computer and reconnect your files, you don't need to copy the collected footage files again, you only need the project file, it worked with the same iterations of the files it was refusing before.

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                noisyboyuk Level 1

                I just had the same problem and following the response from sarah69841986, I managed to find a way to fix it. She mentioned that having the project file reduced and resent seemed to do the trick - this would remove any unused files in the project, so I checked through my project and realised I had a few duplicate files imported. I deleted all duplicates by manually deleting each one - if the file is used it will tell you and ask if you want to delete, for those click 'no', the only ones you should delete are those unused by the project.


                Once I had deleted any duplicates I tried re-linking again and it worked!


                If anyone else comes here in future and posts that it worked for them, if you could mark this as answered it will help others in future