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    How to remove horizontal lines?


      Hi guys,


      Please, someone know how to remove horizontal lines (waves) from a VHS video?


      Follow two examples of this problem below:


      Thank you!



      Example 01





      Example 02


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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It would be best not to handle this in AE at all.  Describe the process used to convert the VHS into digital files.  You may be able to eliminate it altogether by using a different method.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Looks like genuine phase shift issues on the analog tapes. You could try commercial plug-ins like RevisionFX DE:Noise, SmoothKit and so on, but you should not expect miracles. There's no essy solution to such issues and a lot of aditional work may be required, regardless.



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              NLPguy Level 1

              Hi Dave,


              In the capturing process, I'm using the videocassette Panasonic AG-1980 in S-Video. This videocassette has a good TBC and I thought that it could solve this problem, but it is not happening.


              If you have some idea or suggestion I really appreciate your help.



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                NLPguy Level 1

                Hi Mylenium,


                I will buy these effects and try it.


                Thank you!

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                  bogiesan Level 4

                  In the first example, if the line is stable and not moving up and down, you can place a copy of the video below your original layer and move it up or down a few lines. On the top layer, open a mask that allows you to see the underlying copy. That's what a dropout compensator does in a good TBC, memorizes a few scan lines and replaces missing ones. A good DOC can only handle 4-16 lines before the effect becomes visible to a discerning viewer. If the line is moving around, you can attach a tracker to it that controls the vertical position of the underlying layer.


                  The second layer oohs like severe tracking errors or just a quantitative error that has multiplied as a result of bad dubbing. A phase error would usually be visible as a hue shift of the entire image. For instance, a phase shift would make the skin tones green. I don't think you can do anything about that stuff even with extreme measures or expensive effects because those pixels are burned into the image. However, I have never used Revision's products. I suggest you call their customer service people and describe your needs before buying their products.

                  You want to find a copy of the tape that is closer to the original.