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    Extension Manager freezes during installation

    magerber Level 1

      I am trying to install Extension Manager, but it keeps hanging at 61%.  The current try has been stuck at 61% for about the last 45 minutes.  When I try cancelling the installation, then the cancellation process seems to freeze instead.


      I have restarted my computer, but that didn't solve the problem.  I am running Windows 7 Professional.


      I need Extension Manager to troubleshoot an InDesign file that just began acting strangely, so I need to get this problem solved.  Any suggestions?

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          I am having the same problem.  May I ask what OS you are running, or if you have found a solution to the problem? 

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            magerber Level 1

            Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  I am running Windows 7.


            I haven't received any feedback regarding this problem, but just today, I did more searching on the Adobe website, and found a link that allows me to install Extension Manager directly onto my computer (without going through the Creative Cloud updater).  The link is here:  Adobe - Exchange : Download the Adobe Extension Manager


            I am hoping that once the program has been installed correctly on my system, then I will be able to use the Creative Cloud updater to keep the version up to date.  I am in the middle of the installation process--I will update this message to let you know whether or not it worked once I know.


            ETA:  I have now been trying to install the Stand-alone Extension Manager for about 3 hours, and it seems to be stuck at the "Currently Installing Microsoft Visual C++2005 Redistributable Package (X86)".  I even tried installing MS Visual C++ separately and then trying to install Extension Manager, and no luck.  Will keep you up to date with my progress.