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    Authenticate users & Access Control

      Hi All,

      (First apologies if this is not the correct forum)

      I'm hoping someone can give me a little help or advice on options available to me.
      Using flex2 I have built a fairly simple flash app that currrently has two panels,
      panel1- this presents data in a datagrid which connects to a mysql4.x db via amfphp1.9.
      panel2- this presents textinput boxes and a submit button (data is submited via php script to the myqsl db)

      NB: All my users authenticate via LDAP (novell edirectory) & there are two kinds of users (Teachers & Students)

      What I want to know is:
      1- can I allow my users to login to the flash app via their LDAP usernames? (if so how could I do this)
      2- can I assign different rights to the users? (e.g. When a teacher logs in they get access to view & input data, & when a student logs in the ONLY have access to view data)

      NB: I work in a school so I don't have the budget to buy CF, FDS. I also do not want to use the userbase in the mysql db, as this would then require me to maintain two userbases (e.g. LDAP & MySQL) hence twice the workload.

      Any help or suggestions to best approach this problem would be greatly appreciated.