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    Draggable div inside "parent" div




      Newbie in Edge Animate and needing some help with draggable items..


      So here's the problem:


      I'm doing some kind of "map-application" and I want to do draggable "map"-div into div (the map-div is larger than the "upper" div - so this "upper" div should identify this lower's "map"-div edges).

      This map-div contain map-image including some text elements and some actions.


      I have tried to do this with jQuery draggable-function and added that containment-definition, but it won't work properly ( I think that syntax was incorrect also.. )

      I found awesome jQuery-function draggable_background.  That works perfectly, BUT I need same function for div-element not background-image..

      I hope you get the point.

      Have anyone ideas or maybe even complete solution for my problem?

      PS. This map should also work with touchable devices.