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    FlashPaper automation

      Hi, guys!

      I am doing programming document conversion to Flash using FlashPaper. Application logic is simple: all i do - print the document on FlashPrinter through standart Win32 API. Some documents had landscape page layout. And i must print that documents with landscape layout too. There is one way to do that - change FlashPrinter paper orientation using PRINTER_INFO_2 structure. I did it successful, global FlashPrinter options are changed. But...

      I found very unpretty issue.. FlashPrinter options (Start\Control pane\Printers and faxes\Macromedia FlashPaper
      properties\Print setup) sets to landscape printing. But if i run "print setup" dialog in application before printing, the FlashPaper option in Portrait layout yet... Therefore, I cant programmable print document in landscape layouyt.

      Is there any ideas?