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    Im having trouble


      I cannot seem to import files into After effects CS6


      Every file i try shows the error message as follows


      After Effects warning Error with file C:Uses\admin\desktop\milner wedding?\ Test video\after effects test.mov


      I seem to get this with every video I try to import.


      I am using premiere elements 9 but just upgraded. I'm trying to re-edit a wedding video for someone and need to improve the image quality so i bought after effects but i cant seem to import any file no matter how i export it from Premiere.


      Please help!!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We know nothing about your system nor do we know anything about the files. It stands top reason that they are in a format AE simply doesn't understand. And well, special characters like question marks have no place in user folders and can cause all sorts of trouble. Rename your folders appropriately.


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            Elementsmedia Level 1

            IM running windows 7 with the latest device pack update.


            i Do not use use question marks in naming files im just saying that's the warning I get and I have no idea why


            ive ttied importing files such as avi, MPEG, which according to the help section should all work but they dont.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I see. What is the source of the files? Which MPEG format exactly? also try to move your storage folder off the desktop. You could have a permissions issue there. Likewise, check your cache settings. I get the weird feeling that this actually has to do with some secondary files like some temp cache files or the extracted audio....