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    I need to know where the signatures are stored.


      We have Acrobat is installed on a Citrix server.  It runs through a medical database software application, ARIA.  We are having trouble with Acrobat saving the digital signature once the document is closed.  IT is wanting to know where on the server the signatures would be stored.  Any help will be much appreciated.

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Digital signature is inside the signed document. It is not stored anywhere else. After you close the document, reopen it and the signature is right there. It is not external to the document.

          I think you may confuse digital signature with the Digital ID used to sign a document. There are several placed where Digital IDs may reside. It all depends how you deployed your Digital ID. If you added it to the Windows Certificate Store, that's where it is. If you (or your IT) added it to the Acrobat Store, then you can look up Digital IDs on your installation in the Security Settings dialog. Depending on the Acrobat version you get to these preferences in a different way. An Acrobat 9 you get there via "Advanced"menu item. In Acrobat X you go there from Tools->Sign&Certify->More Sign and Certify. In Acrobat XI: Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Identities and Trusted Certificates->More...

          Once you have "Security Settings"dialog displayed, select in the left pane "Digital ID Files". You will see the certificate file name and the folder where it resides. If you select "Windows Digital IDs", the right pane will show you certificate available in the Windows Store.

          I am not working with Citrix but presume that the display will be similar in your case.