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    Staff Directory - Blind Email Form


      I have a client with a staff directory web app with over 200 employees.  The web app includes typical fields such as Name, Title, Department, Image, Description, Phone, Email, LinkedIn.  Since their site has launched, they have received an inordinate amount of junk mail due to the email addresses being directly exposed on the site.


      What we'd like to do is utilize a singular generic contact form for the entire web app, but instead of sending submissions to a specific workflow it needs to go to the email address in the web app item.


      Any thoughts on how one could go about this?

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          I wish you could share the CEO's phone number and email address (although I will find it online one way or another) because I'd like to give him a piece of my mind for the incredibly crappy tech support.  I spent $1500 buying software and expect to speak to a live Tech person and not post problems on a forum.  There's a limit on being cheap!  Long live the 1% and screw the rest!


          If you could share it, that would be great!


          Sorry for venting & thanks!


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            I found Shantanu Narayen phone and email address...  Indian, land of tech service, and obviously has learned nothing about it.  What a hoot!