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    Exporting QT




      I am screening a short 8 min film at a Gala through a projector. I assume the best way to screen the film would be directly from a QT on a computer as opposed to DVD. Curious what the best settings are to get the highest resolution of film. The film is 1080/24p. When I export it with standard current QT settings, it is only about 600 MB. Shouldn't it be a bigger file size?


      Any thoughts appreciated. Thank you in advance!



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          DocuChick Level 1

          Just to add--I did just get a new QT which is 1.68G. I still feel like this file is small for 8 minutes--but would love to hear if this seems like the appropriate file size for projecting an 8 min video. Thanks!

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            We can't tell you that: what codec did you use for encoding?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Take your rendered movie and drop it in the Adobe Media Encoder. Pick up precept didn't H.264 format that matches your destination. Another words if you're sending the video to YouTube are playing it on my computer picked the matching YouTube HD preset.


              Then, when you get a little time, Read up on rendering. Books could be, or rather have been written. It is a very complex subject.

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                DocuChick Level 1

                I used: HDV 1080p24. Frame Rate: 23.976. The Quicktime just doesn't look like it has all of the information. When there is movement, there is a weird shuttering effect. (not sure if that makes sense.) I shot the film on a Mark III and the DVD looks just fine. I know I should be able to export to a QT file that looks just as good, right? Or, is there something I am missing. I'm just curious as to what the settings should be for an uncompressed Quicktime film for HD. Thanks!

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                  DocuChick Level 1

                  Hi Rick,


                  Thanks for your feedback. I am not looking to export to youtube--I am looking to make an uncompressed Quicktime for screening at a Gala. Just want to know the right Video Codec to use.

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                    Dave LaRonde Level 6

                    There isn't an UNCOMPRESSED codec in Quicktime, but there are LOSSLESS codecs in QT: Animation and PNG.  Don't export: use the AE Render Queue instead.


                    But there's a problem: neither of these codecs are intended for playback.  They're intended for further use in the production process.  You would probably be better off using the losssless file file in Adobe Media Encoder to make an mp4 in H.264.  That'll play back on almost any computer, and it looks good.

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                      DocuChick Level 1

                      Thanks, Dave. Ok--that makes sense. I will try your suggestion for the mp4 in H.264. Thanks for your feedback--much appreciated!


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                        Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        If you use the YouTube hi DEF preset and Jack the data rate up to about 20 or maybe even 30 if I will play back smoothly. This will work perfect for your projector and be as good as it gets for real-time playback on most systems.


                        Lossless or uncompressed or even motion JPEG compressed QuickTime movies may, or will always drop frames when you try to play them back on anything less than an extremely powerful and fast system.


                        There's a big difference between production digital intermediates and delivery formats. H.264 is currently as good as it gets.