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    Lightroom not importing from DXO Optics 9.5

    pfield69 Level 1

      I want to occasionally use DXO Optics for some lighting affects, artistic affects and noise reduction.
      Watching videos and reading about the process I should be able to select export to DXO from LR, do some work in DXO then export back into LR.


      The first step sort of works but doesn't auto load into the Customize window of DXO (all the videos show this as the starting point for DXO). It does start a Project called Lightroom(n) though.


      The last step, export to Lightroom doesn't work. After the image is processed and saved LR is automatically brought to the front of my desktop but no import occurs. I have to synchronise the folder.


      Has anyone else tried this?
      What am I doing wrong?