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    InDesign to InCopy CC 2014

    SuperFineDesign Level 1

      What is the specific workflow that one should follow in order to export a finished InDesign file to InCopy? I understand that as the designer and the user of InDesign, it is my role to export the text portion of the document for my client to make minor revisions. But, how exactly do I do this?


      Seems like a simple question, but I cannot for the life of me find an answer. Adobe Tech document reference an Assignments Panel which I cannot locate. And the only reference to InCopy I can find in InDesign is Edit > InCopy > Export > Layer, All Stories, All Graphics, or All Graphics and Stories


      When I use this option, I receive the warning, "The following content could not be saved. The files could be locked or you may not have permission to change them." Then it lists ALL the stories created from the file. In addition, it creates a jumbled mess of .icml files that will be impossible for my client to make sense of even if the export DID work.


      What am I overlooking? Any help would be massively appreciated.