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    I5 or i7


      Ii am looking to get a new laptop, I have premier elements 12 . Will  a i5 do or should I really go for the i7?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system will your Premiere Elements 12 be running on?


          What type of projects do you have planned with regard to size and video compression?


          The only time that I recall Adobe spelling out the Intel Core i7 was for those dealing with XAVC-S video.


          Pending further information and with only Premiere Elements in mind, I would save the money and go with i5.



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            Ejcf1 Level 1

            hi ATR

            it will be windows 8.1 and it's just for taking family videos off my Sony hd digital camcorder to put on dvd or thumb drives, and the internet.

            thanks for your help



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