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    LR 5.6 crashing on export

    BoppyW Level 1

      This has been an issue for the last month or so and today I upgraded to 5.6 and the problem persists.


      No matter what image or what kind of export I attempt, LR crashes during export when I get to the point of choosing an export destination.


      I have Win 8 64 bit and 16 GB of RAM with heaps of space on my hard drive.


      The previous posts I have read on this subject say that the bug has been fixed in 5.6 but in my case, not at all.


      I have tried restoring the user preferences but then LR crashes when I restart and then choose a different catalog (I want to select the previously backed up one). I have also disabled all plug ins.


      For some reason I cannot figure out how to get a crash report but if someone tells me how then I will post this.


      Thanks in advance for assistance with this issue.