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    Very Initial results PPBM8 (CC 2014) with GTX 970 SC

    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

      Well this has been an interesting evening with my new EVGA GTX 970 SC with 4 GB.  I got over $50 off on an open box unit so I could not resist!

      1. My single GPU benchmark from PPBM using MPEG2-DVD with Hardware Acceleration scores have been the same as my GTX 770 SC.
      2. I hope that GPU-Z is reporting this new GPU properly.  There may be some confusion here with a brand new board.
      3. I downloaded the latest EVGA overclocking tool Precision 16 and tried to adjust the memory speed as I have done dozens of times and I could not get any changes showing in GPU-Z.
      4. I do like the it has HTML 2.0 (4K monitor compatibility).
      5. I do like the lower power dissipation.
      6. I do like the slight lower price.  (4 GB GTX 770 to 4 GB GTX 970).
      7. In the next few days I hope to get the answers somehow on the overclocking of the memory and compatibility with GPU-Z
      8. Testing with Premiere