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    Sign text change


      Hello. I would like to make a video, where an actor would have a sign on his back saying for example looser. Camera would focus just on the sign, nothing else would be able to be seen. Then I would like to change the text on the sign to something else. I was thinking about stop motion animation and draw everything, but I bet that there´ll be an easier way to do this . Thank you in advance.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          1. Create your animation in a comp that is approximately the same aspect ratio as the sign on your actors back
          2. Track the sign on your actors back using Mocha or Corner Pin Tracking
          3. Add your animation comp to the comp with the footage of the actor and apply the tracking data to the sign
          4. Do the appropriate color grading too make the sign look like it fits in

          Type Corner Pin tracking into the Search Help field in the top right corner of AE to find a bunch of tutorials and info on how to do that or type Mocha in the same field and look for tutorials in those resources.