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    AE product template to create multiple product


      I have recently created a product video template in AE for a client and now the client wants to use that template to create around 100 different product videos.  I am new to AE and this is a little over my head, so I thought I was ask you guys if you know a way to import different data points in from a file(or something) i.e. price, product image into the template to create all the different product videos without having to do this manually?

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          Check the "Comps from Spreadsheet" script and similar stuff from AEScripts, but generally there is no 100% automated way of doing such stuff. Differently cut out images will require changes in placement, varying text length will need manual mangling and so on. If there's a hundred products every week and it gets long in the tooth, you should contact one of the scripters to create some custom stuff for you/ your client, otherwise 100 "simple" comps isn't really that much when you think about it. Even "simple" projects in my world rarely have less than 50...



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            Thank you so much for your help! That is exactly what I am looking for. I agree this will not solve everything, but I am hoping this will help speed up the process as I get more clients in the future.