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    pc - mac projector issue

      hi all,

      i wonder if u can shed some light.

      I've created a movie on pc, burned the whole lot (with projector and mac osx.hqx file)
      unstuffed the hqx file on the mac, but when i click on the unstuffed projector on the mac
      i get an - Application Error " This application requires Shockwave Player 10, which can not be found. Click OK to download it " !

      A) shockwave player is installed
      B) it's a projector - so it shouldnt need shockwave player right ?!
      C) when i click OK, nothing happens

      a little while ago, i read a post laying out the xtra's which work on rosetta/intel macs and went through deleting the xtras which weren't supported (just in case an end user is viewing on intel mac). I wonder if this is the problem.

      I've been to modify>movie>xtra's and ticked on everything in the default list (to ensure it is included, again), but still no joy, so wether this is the problem or not i don't know.

      - the movie utilises - quicktime, audio & a 3d component(particle system)

      An earlier version of the projector unstuffed and worked ok on the mac (the mac i'm using is not intel, btw) - this was before i elliminated (and re-introduced) an xtras.

      any ideas why the mac is throwing this up ?

      many thanks