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    InDesign infinite loop when exporting INDD as IDML - one specific document

    Gaius Coffey Level 2


      I have several thousand INDD files that are generated using CS4. We are migrating to CC server so need to be able to run scripts against these files. One of the scripts performs some (simple) manipulations and then saves as IDML...



      With a percentage of our files (I've found two out of less than a hundred files that I've tested) the export to IDML task never completes. InDesign server simply hangs, permenantly. The only way to get our server back is to manually terminate the process using Task Manager and then restart. I have looked at the INDD files using InDesign client and can see nothing whatsoever the matter with them. However, even in client, even after deleting _ALL_ content, when I try to save as IDML, I get the export process hanging (see screenshot below).


      So, I guess I have two questions;

      1. How can I modify InDesign server to detect and recover from this form of infinite loop?

      2. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing the infinite loop? (And how to resolve it?)