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    Database Error and Out of Memory


      Hello everybody!

      I am very new to the Adobe programs and support so please have patience!


      I have a coworker who's got Adobe Indesign CS6 installed on his Windows 8.1 machine and he keeps getting the following errors:


      1. Could not execute the request due to a database error
          The file "..." is damaged (Errorcode: 2)


      2. Out of memory, error


      I have another coworker with the exact same configuration and windows version as well as the same kind of Suite and she never ever have any Database Errors or Out of memory errors.

      (And just to clarify, the person with the Out of memory issue, does have 12GB Ram installed on his computer.)


      I would very much appreciate any kind of help with these problems since they need to be able to work in Indesign all the time.


      And they are getting some frequent crashes where it says "Indesign have stopped working..." and just exits the program.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without exact system info and crash logs nobody can gauge the crashes. The database error may relate to some of the files that ID uses for recovering files, caching font names etc., potentially making this a trivial permissions issue on the temp and user folders. Out of memory errors have rarely ever anything to do with actual memory and likewise could point to damaged fonts, problems with system drivers and whatnot. Either way, your info is simply insufficient to make any deeper diagnosis.



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            Oskarj91 Level 1

            Then maybe you could tell me what information you are looking for? As I said, im new to all the programs in the Adobe CS6 Suite and could use some help to understand where i find the information that you need.