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    need full generator tags


      Hi, I love to use generator in Photohop CC.

      But I don't know all about generator tags.


      I can find page introducing Generator in adobe but it is too short to use..


      To turn on this functionality, go to File -> Generate -> Image Assets. Now all you have to do is rename the layers or layer groups you want to export. Here are some examples of supported tags:If you need larger dimension images for Retina displays, you can also quickly create those by adding a scaling factor.

      • .png (Default value: png32 with semi-transparent alpha), .png8, .png24, .png32
      • .jpg (Default value: 9), .jpg(1-10), .jpg(1-100%)
      • .gif
      • 1-n%, (Number) px x (Number) px for scaling

      Here are some examples of how tags can be used:

      • “200% logo-retina.png, logo.png” produces both a 2x and a 1x asset
      • “heroImage.jpg10” produces a 1x asset with max quality

      “400% tuningfork.png, 250×250 tuningfork.jpg40%” produces a 4x PNG asset and a custom-scaled JPEG asset



      So, Question,

      Is there any sites that introduce full generator tags ? (or documents)


      Thanks for read this and Have a good day