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    Convert edge .oam file to SWF (was: Convertion to SWF?)




      I just made a web ad for my company in Edge Animate, it's all finished. My problem is that the ones who is going to upload it to their website, needs a SWF file from me.. Now, I don't have too much experience with these things - but is there a way of converting either HTML or OAM files to SWF format? I rather not make it one more time in another program.. all help is much appreciated!



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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          You should have used Adobe Flash Professional tool for creating the web ad in the first place and get the swf file.


          Now since you have already created ad in Edge Animate, the only option left is to make a video out of it by playing the animation and use some screen capture software that would fetch you the recorded video, and then create a swf out of it.




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