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    Lens profile selection?


      I'm using win 7-64. I have a lens Sony (Zeiss) 55mm/1.8 ZA. Camera Sony Alpha 7R (Full Frame)

      I start with uploading the profile Sony FE and select the lens. This normally works well and Lightroom comes automatically with the right lens/profile.

      Sometimes I upload new photo's (exactly the same as I do always) and the lens selection of Sony FE cannot be found. Only Sony and automatically a zoom lens is chosen and nothing else is available to select. Hence Lightroom select automatically the wrong lens an nothing else is available whilst most of the time it works perfectly and there is nothing changed in the upload procedure.

      Any solution, bug?

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          THG_BO Level 3



          does the selection fail on JPEG images? And works for RAW? By default most modern cameras can do a lens correction internally on the JPEG images.

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            Gerard@ACM Level 1

            Thanks for your reply,


            I make use of RAW files only. To me it seems logical that Lightroom does not read the correct camera from the image, hence select SONY (=apc) in stead of SONY FE (= full frame which I'm using). Even that would not be the biggest problem as long I can have a choice of selecting SONY or SONY FE and than select the lenses but this selection criteria is not there. It sticks to what is has automatically selected.

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              can you upload a working and a not working example. I think there is something wrong with the exifdata.


              Workaround: You can create a development preset with the correct lens and assign this preset on import.

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                I think I found the answer!

                I always upload the camera files using SONY's PlayMemories but does not change anything and after which I import these files into LR. In order to answer your question to sent a file, I had a look into PalyMemories for the original file and guess what I found, JPG file! I cannot understand this as I'm always using RAW. Lately I did some photo shooting in a studio and someone ask me to shoot a few Photo's too. If I go back in my memory, I have not changed the camera settings and the following photo generated the problem. It cannot be different than the person has adjusted the camera settings without telling me.Than the 1st answer to my question seems correct that the file has already been corrected directly in the camera.

                Notwithstanding this, I wonder that LR gives me the opportunity to select SONY and select a different lens instead of selecting SONY FE and indicating that the correction has already been included in the file.


                Clear to me that I need always to check before shooting instead of assuming that its RAW which I always use.


                In the mean time I wish to ask a different question concerning profiles: I looked for Hasselblad V system lens profiles (CF lenses) but I cannot find any for LR. Do you have information on this?


                Thank you for your assistance.

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                  THG_BO Level 3

                  Hello Gerard,


                  "nice" to hear that the answer is so simple...


                  You does LR allow lens correction for JPEG images? I think, because it is possible (on some camera) not to apply lens correction in camera on the JPEG fieles. This is true for my Canon, I do not know for Sony.

                  Why does it choose the wrong lens? Well, to find out, you have to compare the exifdata of a RAW and JPEG files (you can use for example exiftoolGUI). It must be some inside (e.g. lensmodel, makenotes,...).


                  Sorry, I do not have information about the Hasselblad V system. Quick Google search was not successful. But there seams to be a forum on the Hasselblad homepage which may help.

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                    Gerard@ACM Level 1

                    Yes indeed the answer was very simple but someone needs to set you at the right track! Thanks for that.


                    I shall look into the details.


                    As far as Hasselblad is concerned I look further. I can build my own one but it is very difficult to make a good calibration, particullar on extreme good lenses as the Zeiss lenses of Hasselblad.


                    In any case I'm happy to close this call.