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    Internet Explorer and ExternalInterface.call

    marc_hensley Level 1
      We are having an issue with ExternalInterface.call and Internet Explorer and I am sure it is something simple to correct. We have a flash element on our home page that rotates images to solution set and we are wanting to track an impressions and a click through rate.
      We initially tried geturl() and while it did fire off the JavaScript track tags correctly, we noticed that it could cause images not to download correctly in IE 6.

      The decision was made to use ExternalInterface.call to call the JavaScript, I added
      import flash.external.*;
      var callJSFunction:String = "dcsMultiTrack";
      var wtTagName:String = "WT.ad";
      var wtTag:String = "";
      to the top od the action and
      ExternalInterface.call(callJSFunction, wtTagName, wtTag);
      to the function that rotates the image and that has led to the current error we are having. In Internet Explorer 6 and 7. When the image loads the following error occurs:
      Line: 1
      Char: 12
      Error: Expected ';'
      Code: 0

      Thinking that there was an issue with the tracking script I replaced the ExternalInterface.call with
      ExternalInterface.call("alert", "ImageLoad");
      and I still am receiving the same error. This error only occurs in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox 1.5/2 and Opera 9 do not show this scripting error and correctly display the alert box.