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    Premiere Elements 13, Wacom Bamboo tablet input not working on several screen elements


      I installed both Photoshop Elements 13 as well as Premiere Elements 13.


      Now I notice that in Photoshop Elements 13 (and ALL other programs on my pc) my tablet/pen input via a Wacom Bamboo tablet works perfect, but not in Premiere Elements 13.


      Some screen elements in Premiere E.13 do not allow to be 'clicked' by the pen.

      If I hover over it and then 'click' it with the button on my tablet or tapping the surface of my bamboo tablet, then it works fine. But whatever I try, I cannot get the thing working with the Pen-input of the Bamboo.


      What does work are the 'normal' items in the top of the screen, like 'file' 'edit' etcetera.

      What doesn't work is the second bar, with the buttons to 'add media' or switch from 'simple' to 'professional' screen layout. (or similar wording... I have my version in Dutch)


      The interesting thing, in Photoshop Elements, that second bar switching from 'easy' to 'expert' modus is working fine with the pen.


      Please do not suggest me to re-install my Wacom/Bamboo drivers, for I can assure you: Nothing wrong with thát :-)

      If you have suggestions to get it working in Premiere Elements, then most welcome of course.

      Honestly I think it is a little techncal flaw that needs fixing by Adobe in the first update, right?